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Women Agricultural Vendors

Cajun GrowersCajun Growers

Long-time CCFM vendors, Tad and Lillie Ledet of Cajun Growers, have made their return to the Tuesday market! In tow, they’ll have a selection of vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, and crisp cukes all the way from Cutoff, LA. Dedicated Saints fans, their tent is hard to miss. Just look for the ol’ black and gold! Cajun Growers is joining our expanding line up of Tuesday vendors with other recent additions including Pearl River Pastures and T&R Dairy.

TamalesIsabel's Tamales & Produce

Hailing from Independence, Louisiana, Isabel and the Mendez family grow a variety of produce on their farm, ranging from okra in the summertime to broccoli and cauliflower come winter. In addition to her fresh produce, Isabel’s is famously known for her freshly made tamales (veggie, cheese, jalapeño, and bean), available at Thursday and Sunday markets, and breakfast burritos, available at Tuesday and Sunday market. Isabel’s well-known tamales and burritos are best paired with her homemade tortilla chips and salsas. Treat yourself to something special at Isabel’s Tamales & Produce at each of our three weekly markets.

JohndaleJohndales Farm

She married into the farming industry, and now all these years later, Heather Robertson is the big boss in town. Johndales Farm started at five thousand plants and has now grown to over 160k, on the same land her father-in-law grew strawberries on as a boy. Currently the farm is twelve strong plus Heather, her four children, and her husband, who helps out when he can. Johndales has been with CCFM since its inception going on almost 30 years now! They bring us five fun varieties of sweet strawbs: the Camino Real, San Andreas, Frontera, Radiant, and Victor. They also offer Southern Highbush, which is an earlier-producing variety of blueberries, blackberries, and an array of other produce such as fresh red beans, peas, mushrooms, cukes, and tomatoes. 

MonicaMonica’s Okra World

Monica’s Okra World started off as roadside sellers and then joined CCFM as a regular vendor in 1996! The Monicas have lived the ups and downs of being a Louisiana farming family. Their okra has flown off the shelves since they began stocking it at the Garyville General Store. They made home deliveries throughout the Crescent City until Hurricane Katrina. Currently, you can expect to find carrots, bok choy, leeks, and greens overflowing at their table. This alongside a variety of brassicas such as mustard greens, brussel sprouts, turnips, cabbage and the list goes on. While making your groceries at any CCFM markets, be sure to pay a visit to our longtime friends the Monicas!

PetitPetit Jardin

Meet Erica Sage of Petit Jardin. Erica offers a selection of naturally grown vegetables and fruits harvested from a small sustainable plot of land in Central City that first began as a space for her to grow food for her growing family. Honoring quality over quantity, Petit Jardin additionally produces small-batch, hand-curated goods such as spicy pickled vegetables, moringa powder, soaps, dried herbs, dehydrated citrus, and edible flowers. Petit Jardin is black-owned, woman-owned, mom-owned, and operates on the belief that small impactful shifts in what we put on and in our bodies will imbue positive effects physically, mentally, and spiritually both individually and as a collective.

PochePoche Family Farm

Poche Family Farm is located in Independence, Louisiana, a fitting name as the family is the sole labor force on the farm. Charise (who you’ll see weekly at market), Albert, and their children Billie and Camille use sustainable agriculture techniques like utilizing natural fertilizers, organic pesticides, cover crops for soil maintenance, and unheated structures for weather resistance called high tunnels.The farm was started with the intent to grow nourishing food to feed their family, and now that dedication is carried through in all their crops as they’ve expanded the business to feed many families through our markets. Their selection varies with the season. Right now, you can find them at the Tuesday Uptown Market. Stop by the stand for produce, including tomatoes, peppers, squash, okra, and herbs like basil. Plus, you can find value-added products like freeze-dried turmeric, pepper jam, and honey.

PowersPowers Beekeepers

Meet the Powers! Terry and Dani Powers have been bringing their honey to our markets for 5 and a half years now, and have been producing honey for ten years. Between their locations in Orleans and Plaquemines parishes, the Powers take care of a couple hundred beehives from which they produce pure, raw, and unfiltered honey. Alongside their 100% natural honey, Powers Beekeepers produces comb honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis tinctures, and beeswax candles made in a variety of beautiful and unique molds. The Dani bar can also be found alongside their weekly array of honey products. Affectionately named after its inventor, the Dani bar is composed of jujubes, goji berries, raw honey as well as pecans, peanuts, and black sesame seeds. Interested in beekeeping yourself? The Powers also teach a beginners beekeeping class at Sugar Roots Farm and sell nucleus hives - a small but established colony that's perfect for kick-starting a new beehive.

river queenRiver Queen Greens

Come on by our Mid-City market and shop with Cheryl Nunes and Annie Moore, the farmers behind River Queen Greens! Starting in 2017, River Queen Greens began providing New Orleans with Certified Naturally Grown seasonal produce and microgreens from their 1/2 acre market garden in the Bywater. Since then, they have moved to a new growing site in Lower Coast Algiers on New Orleans' West Bank. Ten miles downriver from downtown New Orleans and across the street from the Mississippi River levee, their expanded location juxtaposes small-scale agriculture with global industry. In addition to their weekly set up at our market, they offer a choice-based farm-share veggie box that you can pick up from Press Street Gardens in the Bywater/Marigny on Tuesday evenings! Just like at the market, SNAP and Market Match are accepted! Find River Queen Greens’ table of fresh veggies every week at our Thursday market!


SPROUT NOLA works tirelessly to support established and developing urban farmers in the community. Providing technical and social support to build a stronger, more equipped community of growers here in New Orleans, SPROUT’s unique Truck Farm Table serves as an entry to markets for small-scale farmers and producers to sell their goods and retain their profits. Managed by Erica Sage (who you may recognize as the urban farmer and business owner of Petit Jardin), the Truck Farm Table provides shared rent and table space to small producers who might not have the volume of product to fill a whole market stall or finances to foot the whole bill or have enough time on hand to attend markets, thereby reducing barriers to entering the market. Their Truck Farm Table is often the fist step for growers hoping to scale up, and SPROUT supports the development of small and/or new producers to graduate to their own vendor stall within the CCFM markets and on to CSAs or wholesale to our restaurant shoppers or local distributors. The small growers of today are tomorrow’s anchor produce vendors. Together, SPROUT and CCFM are helping to support small growers and create a pipeline to success! Find SPROUT at market every Thursday!

Take BoxTaké Box NOLA

Také Box NOLA is run by duo Caroline and Kyle. They have been producing gourmet mushroom grow boxes from spore to mycelial block with all organic material right here in New Orleans. Their mushroom grow boxes are essentially a pre-colonized mushroom fruiting block made from organic rye grain, hay, and hardwood sawdust. All you need to do is apply a little water and watch this beautiful block turn into a blossom of ready to cook, gourmet mushrooms. Také Box currently offers a variety of oyster and lion’s mane mushrooms, grow kits, and tinctures. Not only do these boxes provide you with delicious, organic, gourmet mushrooms, but all boxes are silkscreen printed with original textile designed by Caroline herself, making it a beautiful addition to any countertop. Find these distinctive mushroom grow kits and the two fun creators behind them at the Thursday and Sunday markets each week!

Too TallToo Tall Farm & Nursery

Maggie Kaiser and Jacob Ingalls started Too Tall Farm & Nursery in 2015 with the goal of supplying local growers and gardens with a variety of vegetable, herb, and edible flower starts grown without harsh or synthetic chemicals. As a trained and experienced doula and perinatal health advocate, Maggie is very interested in growing medicinal herbs and especially those that support folks during pregnancy and postpartum. Some of her favorite plants are tulsi, skullcap, spilanthes, nettles, and nasturtiums as well as other crops like turmeric, hibiscus roselle, ginger, and leafy greens. Additionally, Maggie works for Sprout Nola as the Farmer Outreach Manager, offering technical assistance to producers in SE LA and throughout the state, and has been involved with several different organizing bodies pertaining to the local food system over the years, including supporting Margee Green with her run for Commissioner of Agriculture in 2019; working for the National Young Farmers Coalition to develop better agricultural policy for small farmers on a state and federal level; organizing with the Greater New Orleans Growers Alliance and NOLA Food Policy Action Council around urban ag policy, including A Greener New Orleans campaign; and participating in the Louisiana Small Scale Agriculture Coalition (LSSAC) to put on the first ever LA Farmer’s Climate Convening this past January. Maggie also has a deep appreciation for agricultural cooperatives and is working to form a marketing cooperative with 10 other local producers—hopefully you’ll find us soon at CCFM!

VEGGiVEGGI Farmers Cooperative

Established in 2011, VEGGI Cooperative is a community-member-owned and operated farmer’s co-op based out of New Orleans East including several female vietnamese farmers. VEGGI Co-op has proudly sold the produce and products of cooperatively-growing farmers in Village de L’Est, a Vietnamese-American community in New Orleans East, at markets throughout the city. As a result of the 2010 BP oil spill, many Vietnamese fisherfolk and shrimpers were left without work. VEGGI–Village de L’Est Green Growers Initiative––Farmers Cooperative grew out of this period of adversity with the mission of empowering growers in the Greater New Orleans area and creating sustainable, high-quality jobs in urban agriculture that enhance people’s quality of life by increasing local food access and knowledge of various green growing techniques, such as aquaponics and greenhouse technologies. One of the guiding philosophies of VEGGI Co-op is “from each according to ability and to each according to need.” Using this approach, they have been creating economic opportunities in urban agriculture for the Vietnamese community in New Orleans East. Most famously known for their freshly-made and locally-processed tofu, VEGGI Co-op also brings a rich array of other amazing products to their table including fresh in-season produce and herbs, chili oil, seed bars, and loofah sponges. There is something for everyone at the VEGGI Co-Op table!



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