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Good Food Concepts

Triple bottom line

or 3BL/TBL, refers to the social, ecological and economic bottom lines of any business, whether for-profit or non-profit. In a farmers market, a community meeting place (or third place) is created where food that is sustainably produced and travels fewer miles to get to the end consumer is purchased by the surrounding community directly from the producer, directly supporting the local economy by keeping food dollars circulating locally. It’s part of why it can feel so good to eat fresh, local food (and why we look forward to a more “normal” gathering space).




About Us

Market UmbrellaMarket Umbrella is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3), based in New Orleans, whose mission is to cultivate the field of public markets for public good. Market Umbrella has operated the Crescent City Farmers Markets (CCFM) since 1995.

Crescent City Farmers MarketThe Crescent City Farmers Market operates weekly year-round throughout New Orleans. The CCFM hosts nearly 60 local small farmers, fishers, and food producers, and more than 150,000 shoppers annually.